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The Snowflake Venue began its journey as a vibrant mill and brewery pulsing with life and industry. Today, it stands transformed, merging its rich past with a breathtaking steampunk renovation. Imagine celebrating your special day surrounded by intricate gears, rustic brick, and whimsical ironwork, harmoniously and artistically intertwined with modern luxuries. The Snowflake is not just a venue; it's an experience—a space where timeless elegance meets eclectic flair, creating the perfect backdrop for your unforgettable moments.

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The Brewery Hall at the Snowflake building complex is a unique and versatile venue that can accommodate up to 500 seated guests and has a spacious dance floor.

The incorporation of the Steam Punk Style and recycling themes adds a distinctive and environmentally conscious touch to the atmosphere.

The use of glass, steel, and wood installations, as well as the combination of industrial and organic elements, contributes to the hall's character and history, paying homage to the building's past as a brewery.


The Alley connects two buildings - the Brewery and the Old Mill. It can not be hired independently and is used as an extension of the Brewery or the Jazz and Tank Hall at no extra cost.

During weddings, it is used as a serving area for welcoming drinks and canapés or as a place for people to take a smoke break.