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Originally a steam mill owned by William Hinchcliff Horsfall, the Snowflake Venue has a history dating back to 1921, marking its significance as the first industrial operation in Potchefstroom. 


When Horsfall passed away in February 1939, the mill was sold to the South African Milling Company and later Premier Milling. In 1997, Albert Bothma became the current owner. 


Today, the Snowflake Venue is a prominent cultural centre in Potchefstroom, embodying a fusion of artistic and communal expressions. Its expansive reception areas are meticulously adorned in the captivating Steampunk Style, providing a welcoming space for individuals to come together and celebrate art, music, and delightful cuisine. It is a sought-after location for weddings and dining events. It also plays host to workshops, off-site team meetings, and conferences, as well as art exhibitions, music concerts, and a recurring food and craft market.


The premises also house a coffee shop named Recharge, a restaurant/pizzeria called PizzAmoré, an art gallery, and a pool club, all seamlessly complementing the overall ambience. These establishments are open to the public from Mondays to Saturdays.


In 2019, the local heritage foundation, Heritage Potchefstroom Erfenis, recognized the venue's historical significance by listing it as a building of historical value. As a tribute, an information board was installed on the premises.

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